Could Apps Actually Replace Websites?

Could Apps Actually Replace Websites?

I have heard a lot of discussion regarding this question. I think it is a valid question that poses a lot of thought, and in many ways does show signs to allow some to speculate that apps could indeed replace many websites. So are we headed in that direction? Could the web actually start to diminish in usage and the function of a mobile application take over??

I want to look at this from both angles. Sure, there are many companies that are investing more in their app than in their website. And, if you look around, most major companies have their own app. Most importantly, they probably are being used more than the website. Especially, if you are a loyal customer to a particular brand or business. Why ever even visit their website? The app is so convenient! It takes right where you need to go, and sometimes is much more user friendly. With all of that being said, it’s clear to see how many people would question the future of websites. Honestly, I am one of them. However, I now want to shed some light on why I believe apps will continue to grow, I also do not see end in websites…at least anytime soon.

The Verdict

The web is an endless browsing experience. Apple and Android will never come close to “replacing” it. And, while I do think apps are genius and honestly a must have, sometimes a website still is too. For example, many use their websites or even other websites as landing pages or to upload info onto their app. Without that, an app would be far more difficult to build. Websites can also contain far more functionality and content than an app. And, keep in mind we cannot create SEO for our apps, therefore making the marketing aspect in having a website huge!

Short and sweet! These are my views, but at the end of the day, I feel as though we need both. I do see an ever growing desire for apps and do strongly prefer them over websites when on a mobile device, however it is the website that is it’s power source. Both serve their purpose and in my eyes are needed in most any business world.

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