How to Build an App Without Coding Ebook Launch

How to Build an App Without Coding Ebook Launch

I am so happy to announce the publication of our first book. ¬†We’ve always believed in providing our customers with great app building platforms, a variety of subscription plans, and competitive pricing. However, we also want to provide all of the tools necessary so that our customers walk away with a great app and feel confident in process of creating it. This is why we decided to write an e-book.

About Ebook

The book title is pretty self explanatory, but I thought I would highlight some keys points that one would walk away with after reading it. As stated in the title, the book is broken down into three main sections.

First goes over choosing a layout. In this section, one will learn how to effectively choose a template, background, and color scheme.

Within second section of the book discusses app features. Here one will learn in detail about most main features within app builds from push notifications to music and videos, to ecommerce integration. This section does a great job of providing outlines, steps, and tips on each process.

The last section of the book focuses on publication. Here one will learn the variety of app markets and how to go about submitting their app to various stores. Marketing is also discussed as well as tips on how to maintain and keep your app relevant once you do have it published on app markets.

Who is this book for?

This book for anyone, rather you are an experienced or a beginner, I hope there can be something anyone can learn or take away as helpful information. Currently, we have our e-book listed on Amazon. I will put a link at the bottom of the article if interested in taking a look and/or buying. We would like to thank all of our customers and visitors who have used our services and helped us along the way to be better and meet the needs of current app builders. I hope you find this book to be helpful and take away some useful tips!
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