How to Make Money as an Android & iOS App Reseller

How to Make Money as an Android & iOS App Reseller

When you combine Apple and Google App stores you have well over a billion apps!  Apps are everywhere we go.  They are our resources for music, games, business, shopping, news, and more.  Having an app is so important, and there is so much opportunity in building/developing an app as well.  There is a rich market in app developing.  And, if you are a reseller, the opportunities are endless.  But, how exactly can you can make money as an mobile App reseller?

Rocket App Builder allows resellers to have two options.

Option one works as a pay per app which allows resellers to use the white label panel and connect their website to the builder and is full service. With this option, you as the reseller do not need to worry about publishing the apps and having a license; Rocker App Builder will do all of that for you.  This option is really beneficial to those who want a white label platform and do not want the hassle of publishing their apps.  Each app can be paid monthly or annually, and compared to other app builders, is very low in cost.

Option two is an unlimited plan in which allows for unlimited apps and the reseller has to publish the apps themselves making it a self service process.  The reseller plan is $100 a month.  With that, you receive tech support should you as the reseller ever have any questions or concerns while subscribed with our app builder.  This option is beneficial to those who want more hands on control and have a large client base or if you are an app developer.

Now, how exactly does the reseller make money from these options?

Example 1: You you receive a fee for creating the app for your customer.  The customer then has access to their app connected to your website so they can maintain their app. (This is perfect for option one noted above)
Example 2: You charge your customers an app development/design fee which can range from $199 to well over $1000, then charge a monthly fee to maintain and host the customer’s app. (This is perfect for option two)
Example 3: Make multiple apps that you sell on the App markets or generate income from admob.  (This is perfect for option two)

This opportunity of becoming an android and ios app reseller has never been easier.  More information on Rocket app Builder’s reseller plan and app building platform features can be found here.