How Can I Build An App without coding experience?

How Can I Build An App without coding experience?

With a very small investment, anyone can now build, customize, and publish an App to the Android and Apple market.  It used to be that to have your own app, meant it would cost you thousands of dollars; or you just had to be extremely knowledgeable on coding and computer mobility skills.  Now, there are quick, easy to use, and actually very affordable options for anyone to be able to have an App of their own using Rocket App Builder’s no code app builder.

I mention in many of my blogs the great benefit in having an App, but one may wonder…how exactly can I build an App without coding experience.  It is much easier than you think!  Below, I will lay out 5 very simple steps that one must take when building their App using the sought after  no code app builder platform from Rocket App Builder.

How to Build an App

  1. Design:  

    When you are setting up your, you will name your application, you will then begin deciding on the layout of your app and you will get to choose from various templates suited for your audience/business. You can then customize the layout and design by choosing from several options within the chosen template.

  2. Colors:

    Here you can choose from an array of colors for your texts, headers, and icons….this will allow you begin making your app unique. Also, when choosing your colors you will be able to see how they look on a display. This will be prompted throughout each step for convenience and time efficiency.

  3. Features:

    Here’s where it gets fun and where you are able to really show off what your business has to offer or just more about what you are wanting your app to show off to views. Within this steps you get to choose from a variety a different pages and customize each. Some examples include social media accounts, a catalog, menu, or contact information. This is what makes your app stand out!

  4. Application:

    Here you get to choose or upload an icon that you want displayed on your dashboard and start up page. This is what people will see when viewing your app on itunes or google play and what will display on one’s mobile device. When choosing your icon, you will also be able to view it on both apple and android devices.

  5. Publication:  

    Last step….so you have your app created now all you need to do next is choose from 3 payment plans to have your app submitted to the app store and/or google play for publication. You can click here to see pricing plans and what each has to offer as well as more detailed information about Rocket App Builder’s no code app builder.

Now that you have a step by step layout of what all entails building an App with Rocket App Builder, then there should not be any excuses!  It is clear how easy the set up is, and pricing is very low with packages starting at $2/month ($24 per year).  Not to mention building your App is FREE!  For more information and to begin building your App click here.

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