The Real Cost of Creating an App

The Real Cost of Creating an App

Having your own App can range in price from an inexpensive project to a very costly task.  As noted in an article back in June it is vital to research  what you are looking for when deciding on having your own App.  The features, development, and publication are all key factors in determining the right App Builder.  

The Rundown Of Most App Builders

When it comes to the cost of creating an app, the factors above are what usually make up the difference in price.  However, publication options seem to be the most confusing as they have the most hidden fees.  Not to mention updates that some App Building companies will charge you for if they have to re-publish your App.  Let’s look a little closer into the publication of your App.  As stated, this price varies so greatly even in the competitive market of app building.  

Some App building platforms offer to publish your app with the option to choose which App market, Google Play, or Apple’s App store.  Others do not give the choice and you are forced to get your own Apple developers license which will run you about $100/year and your own Android developer’s account which costs $25.  Then, there are some that will publish, but have to you use your developer account license, thus you may pay more and still have those extra charges for the subscription and developer account noted above.  There is more!! Some App building companies will even charge an extra fee to publish each app along with a monthly or annual subscription cost.  

All of these things are so important to research and look into before making the decision on best app company to go with.  Reason being too, is that the decision you make can be a long term commitment as once you choose an app company, if you are wanting to switch to someone else, you more than likely have to start over with a new app which causes disruption in your business and customer engagement.

The Difference Between Us and Them

I want to end this article by expressing my passion in what I have written.  Not only as the author, I am also the Co-Founder of the app company Rocket App Builder.  This article is so important to me because this is something that we have strives to do.  

We deliver simple and straight to the point plans  to make the cost of creating an app affordable.  Anyone can login, create an account, build, and test an App for FREE.  The only time you pay is when you are ready to publish.  We have a basic plan that allows us to publish your app to our App Market for $24/year (NO FEES).  We also have a pro plan that allows us to publish your app to both android and apple markets under our license or yours for $24/month or $230/year (NO FEES).  Within that plan you can publish yourself or we can publish your app under our developers license.  No license is Android or Apple Developers license are required with Rocket App Builder.  We have worked hard in keeping our features up to date and our platform enticing.  Lastly we have ensured that we are keeping our pricing fair and without hiding any fees from our customers.  

I hope you take this article as useful information and am certain Rocket App Builder will meet your app needs. One should always research and evaluate everything to meet your individual app needs.  For more information about Rocket App Builder please visit our website at

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