Top 3 Mistakes that can Destroy your Mobile App

Top 3 Mistakes that can Destroy your Mobile App

With millions of apps on the market, it is safe to say that most businesses and entrepreneurs have one or at least pondered the thought in building their own app.  Having an app is an essential tool in today’s society.  I have spent much time discussing the benefits in apps and how to go about building one, but in this article I would like to point out some common mistakes that app builders and developers tend to make.  In my mind, these are the top 3 mistakes that can literally destroy your mobile app!


  • Assuming you will not need to market your app

    This is a killer mistake!  Your app will not sell itself.  Just like your business, or whatever it is you are promoting on your app, you have to understand that there is vast competition even in app markets.  Sure, your company or brand is popular, but without publicizing your app and marketing it to viewers, people will not download or purchase it.


  • Not considering your audience/consumer in the process

    Sure, you may have a great design and features that appeal to you, but without understanding what your audience wants, it is pointless.  After all, it is your consumers that will be using your app, therefore it is vital to know what appeals to them.  Without a happy consumer, you don’t have a valuable product.  If your audience finds your app features to be useless or the template difficult to navigate, then you will lose customers.  You have to of course have an app that is geared towards your brand, but in order for it to sell, you must always keep in mind who is downloading and using it.


  • Never re-inventing your app

    Your app will die fast if you are never updating its design and features.  Just like anything, you have to always evolve to stay relevant and to keep your consumers engaged.  This is why never re-inventing your app can destroy it completely.  People notice when effort in maintaining something fades out, and soon so will they.

I hope these 3 mistakes noted above will give you all an idea on what to avoid when building a mobile app.  There is far too much competition out in the world to not take time out and consider these factors.  If you have a great brand/business, I can guarantee that by marketing your app, always considering your audience in the process, and re-inventing your app, it will stand the test on whichever app market(s) you choose.

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