The Ultimate Plan to Market Your App!

The Ultimate Plan to Market Your App!

Okay, so you have an app….a good one at that, but in such a competitive world, you are having trouble promoting it.  Getting your app to sell, or even getting it recognized can sometimes seem impossible, and it can make one feel very discouraged.  However, if you have the right tools in place….a strategy….an app marketing PLAN, then your app can be very successful!


Laid out below is what I call, “The Ultimate Plan to Market your App.”  Follow these seven steps on a road to success!

  • Utilize Social Media

    I cannot stress how important this step is.  Social media is EVERYWHERE.  It has to be one of the top best tools for advertising right now as so many people spend much of their day posting, liking posts, commenting posts, tweeting, etc. My advice, utilize many!  Set up a Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Easy enough, right?  Yes, easy to set up accounts, but key is utilizing these sites to promote your app.  By doing this you need to follow the right people; connections are very important.  Target your audience!  You also have to post frequently, I recommend several times a week.  This helps get a large virtual audience and your app to spread across the internet world.


  • Press Release

    This step can be very expensive, or cost nothing at all.  Regardless, it is a step you cannot afford to ignore in your App Marketing Plan.  Basically, a press release consists of you writing an announcement of your app, such as a launch of a new app or promotion you have going.  There are many free templates offline and then send emails to potential media circuits, or you can write your announcement and have a PR service do the rest of the work for you.  PR Log is a free PR service that is highly rated that allows you to write about your app and they submit an announcement on their site.  You can also share this on your social media accounts listed above. PR Web is a PR service that does cost, but is highly rated.  You can choose from packages ranging in price from $100-$500.  Here you write your announcement and they submit to a variety of media resources.  This gets the word out!


  • Having a mobile website

    This gives your audience a place to go to check out your app without having to download or purchase anything to their mobile device.  It also helps establish credibility, in turn making customers more likely to invest in your app.  A good app builder that actually offers a free mobile website in all of their packages is Rocket App Builder.


  • Manually recruit clients/customers

    Old-school?  Yes.  Time consuming? Yes.  But, it does work!  Researching your target audience and sending out emails or making contacts yourself is sure to get the word out.  This can also show people that you care enough to invest the time to contact them directly, hence they are more likely to check out what you have to offer.  This step in your app marketing plan can also help with networking, while the person you are talking to may not be interested, they may know someone who is and will link business to you…how cool is that!


  • App store optimization

    Ok, so we all know that most everyone when searching for an app knows what they are looking for and searches by keyword(s).  Therefore, with this step, it’s easy…have your keywords in your name!  This is sure to boost discoverability.  Also, use the first few lines in your first app page as an ad.  You want to have a good description of what your app and/or does as well as actual screenshots of your app.  This shows people what they will get before downloading it to their mobile device…it’s a first impression, so make it count!


  • Launch your app for free

    Who doesn’t like stuff for free??  Launching your app for free, at least in the beginning gives people the opportunity to view your app with nothing to lose money wise.  This can generate a lot of customers, thus creating popularity!


  • Stand Out (Be creative and unique)

    As noted earlier, the mobile app world is very competitive, but don’t let that discourage you.  Think outside the box!  Create an app that is memorable and leaves a strong impression.  This will set you aside from your competitors, remember standing out is not always a bad thing!  Have fun creating your app and app marketing plan, your way!