Why A Customer Engagement App is the Perfect Growth Hack

Why A Customer Engagement App is the Perfect Growth Hack

Technology is rapidly changing, and with any change comes alternative ways in how we advance a product, apps being one of them. In a previous article, I referenced, “it is estimated that people spend roughly 3 hours a day on their mobile devices, and that 86% of that time of that time is devoted to App use.” So, it is clear that having an App-no matter what you are in the business of-is an essential way to please and engage your customer. Now that you are able to see statistical numbers, and I am sure already have an understanding on the demand and high usage for Apps. I want you to think about marketing and customer engagement.


How does technology influence marketing?

Marketing is such a vital part in owning a business. As mentioned above, our world is forever evolving and marketing is one thing that has changed drastically throughout the years, along with the advancements in the technical realm. Such advances have led to an increase in internet usage and how we use the internet. Social media being another huge tool that people have become literally obsessed over. This leads to a cheaper and, in many eyes, a much more efficient way of marketing called growth hacking. Growth hacking uses the things we as business owners, musicians, organizations, and etc… all already have such as websites and social media accounts to market and promote our brand. And, the customer engagement App goes beyond that.


What is a Customer Engagement App?

A customer engagement App provides continuous contact with your customers. Users are updated and easily informed about promotions and or news with your business through push notifications. Users can also easily connect to your social media accounts and just by downloading your business onto their device are able to share you to friends, family, and co-workers. THIS IS HUGE! You become something that is evolving with time and is always available to your audience. Therefore, just by having the information readily available on your App, you are staying connected.

Rocket App Builder offers all of the things noted above and more. It provides the perfect customer engagement App building platform.

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